Are you interested in building a family home on a developed plot?

In Nagycenk, Western Hungary, we are selling 500-650m²-big plots on which you are free to build a two-floor house with everything your family would need. All properties are located in a quiet neighborhood, close to the city of Sopron and in the vicinity of Lake Fertő, where you can simply find everything you are looking for.

Would you like to buy a newly built flat in a welcoming residential park?

In the Kelemente Residential Park, in the Fertőd-Eszterháza area, you can choose from various flats the one that most matches your needs.

Interested in buying a family house in a green neighborhood, in one of Sopron’s most beautiful districts?

Right at the feet of the Sopron hills, terraced houses with a garden, a garage and a balcony are for sale. Accurately planned, built with full professionalism, in the vicinity of the Carmelite Monastery and the Taród Castle in Sopronbánfalva.