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The project

Move to Nagycenk, the town with idyllic beauty

            Near the UNESCO World Heritage listed Lake Fertő!

You can easily reach the plots for sale through the beautiful plane tree line from the historic center of Nagycenk. The Linden Tree Project is named after the more-than 100-year-old linden tree line also located in Nagycenk (at the Széchenyi Castle).

The residents of the Linden Tree Line can enjoy both a calm village life, as well as the proximity of the nearby city of Sopron with further facilities. On top of that, the M85 highway is currently under construction which will enable a direct connection to Vienna (in approximately one hour by car).


The town of Nagycenk also disposes of a nursery school and a primary school for the youngest generation. For shopping, the city center of Sopron offers a great variety for everybody with its bigger shopping malls and unique little shops.

Real estate information

The properties are for sale from February 2021 onwards. The sites provide a ground area of 500 to 650 m², with a buildability of 30%. Thus, the size of the buildable surface amounts to 150-180 m² on each plot, which makes the planning and building of a spacious family home possible.

The planned building’s height is set between 3 and 6 m, which means, a two-floor house with a ground floor and a top floor can be constructed without any difficulties. The sites are provided with electricity, potable water, fire water drain and sewerage.

The start of the drainage channel construction is planned for winter 2021. In the second phase of the project, the road will be paved, as well as public lightning will be established.

All public utility works will be finished by spring/summer 2022.

harsfasor nagycenk hred telek

General Information

As the landscape belongs to the Fertő Landscape UNESCO World Heritage, the construction plan has to be in line with the following regulations:

Planning to have a bigger family? With the help of the Hungarian CSOK family housing program, you are eligible to take advantage of this special allowance for building your home. Please look at the requirements of CSOK in order to check your eligibility.

Relaxation and recreation in the neighborhood

You can find numerous ways to spend your time relaxing and exploring the area. The trails and bike lanes around the Fertő Lake ensure a romantic atmosphere: you can go on a horseback riding trip, take your bike and cycle around the lake, visit one of the spa-and wellness facilities in the province, or simply enjoy the local playgrounds with your children.

Many interesting historic sights are located in Nagycenk, such as the Széchenyi Castle, the Railway Museum or the St. Stephen Church in the center, on top of the hill. The cultural heritage of the historically well-known Széchenyi family is present all over the town. The Széchenyi Mausoleum, for example, or the Museum inside the Széchenyi Castle are worth a visit all-year long.

Széchenyi Castle

Nagycenk Monorail

Ilona Major Horse Riding Club

Site numbers 312-317
Plot number m2 Purchase price* Status
664/312 -g575,0046.000,00€Free
664/313 -g505,0040.400,00€Free
664/314 -g501,0040.080,00€Free
664/315 -g501,0040.080,00€Free
664/316 -g501,0040.080,00€Free
664/317 -g560,0040.080,00€Free
Site numbers 318-322
Plot number m2 Purchase price* Status
664/318 -g501,0040.080,00€Free
664/319 -g501,0040.080,00€Free
664/320 -g501,0040.080,00€reserved
664/321 -g501,0040.080,00€Free
664/322 -g560,0044.800,00€Free
Site numbers 324-340
Plot number m2 Purchase price* Status
Site numbers 343-350
Plot number m2 Purchase price* Status
Site numbers 352-358
Plot number m2 Purchase price* Status
Site numbers 360-369
Plot number m2 Purchase price* Status
664/360 -g560,0050.400,00€reserved
664/361 -g510,0043.350,00€reserved
664/362 -g510,0043.350,00€Free
664/363 -g510,0040.800,00€Free
664/364 -g510,0040.800,00€reserved
664/365 -g510,0040.800,00€Free
664/366 -g510,0040.800,00€reserved
664/367 -g510,0040.800,00€Free
664/368 -g510,0040.800,00€reserved
664/369 -g560,0044.800,00€Free

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General requirements, additional costs and fees:

  • Real estate agency fee 1,0% (from the gross purchase price)
  • Legal fees 1,0%
  • Property Transfer Tax 4,0%
  • 0,50 EUR/ m² maintenance costs from the time of purchase

*preliminary gross purchase price (27% VAT) without warranty

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